A Daily Meditation Book for Recovering Alcoholics



alcoholic recovery

as Book 1

"Grateful Not Smug"

is different from...
and much easier to use than... most of the books on the market.

Instead of dealing just with recovery concepts, this book puts those concepts into recovery real-life situations.

These books are very effective at identifying an issue and its solution.

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alcoholic recovery
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Gratitude a Verb and Grateful Not Smug are stimulating and a new aproach to Step 11 daily recovery meditations. Useful for recovering alcoholics, addicts, Al-Anons and any other 12-Step program members.

One day at a time, and everyday, these meditations give the reader the strength to get through the day; sober, serene and empowered with the strength of God. The readings work no matter what your religious affiliation may be, even if the reader has no formal religious affiliation.

Grateful Not Smug was written specifically for recovering alcoholics. We found that the readings helped everyone who used them, whether they were alcoholic or not. Gratitude a Verb takes this dynamic one step further. Each book will start and end your day with a solid connection with God.

The people writing the testimonials have - in one case - as little as one year of recovery - and several others have in excess of twenty years of recovery. Some of the testimonials have been written by career counselors, who have used the writings in their practices.
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